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Medpage Epileptic Seizure Detection Alarms - Guardian Angels Since 1995

Medpage Model MP5

Suitable for Tonic/Clonic Seizure Detection. Under mattress sensor for movement detection. Built in microphone for vocal detection. Mains powered with battery backup. Supplied with 2 x alarm pagers. Home or hospital use.

Medpage MP5V2.

The MP5V2 utilises patented sensor technology to provide reliable bed seizure alarm detection from a wider range of seizure types, bed types, and patient body weight. A high specification microprocessor continuously monitors the patient’s bed, analysing detected movements. Suitable for all age groups from 5lb baby to adult. Extended sensitivity adjustment for memory foam mattresses.

Medpage MP5 ULTRA

The Medpage MP5 ULTRA as its name implies is the most superior seizure monitor in our range. The ULTRA features advanced software programming that accurately detects nocturnal seizure movement from patient’s of all ages who experience non-typical convulsive seizures. Suitable for complex epilepsy, specialist beds including airflow mattresses. Suitable for all age groups. Specialist customisation available.

For over two decades Medpage Limited have designed and manufactured epileptic seizure movement detection products. Our first monitor was produced in 1995, the Medpage MP5, and has remained the top selling seizure alarm since its introduction. Our seizure movement detection alarms are affordable, reliable, and are proven to consistently and accurately detect nocturnal bed seizures.

The Medpage range of epilepsy alarms use a highly developed sensor positioned under the bed mattress to detect movements from a person in bed. Advanced computer processing software identifies body movement associated with an epileptic seizure, even complex seizure types. Non-typical sleeping movements are ignored. Carers are warned of on-going seizures by radio paging alarms.

Medpage epilepsy movement detection alarms are manufactured under strict quality controlled procedures, audited by BSI. Medpage Limited is accredited to ISO 13485:2003/7, first registered in 2004.

Medpage Model MP5 Medpage Model MP5V2 Medpage MP5 ULTRA

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Medpage Model MP2V2 Multiple Patient Seizure Monitoring

The new Medpage MP2V2 system features our latest sensor technologies with advanced seizure detection capabilities. Seizures are notified by message pager and desktop/tabletop nurse call station. Special adaptations are available for patient’s with additional care needs.

Medpage MP2V2 View Product View Product View Product View Product

Medpage Epileptic Seizure Monitors -

Medpage Limited is BSI accredited to the highest level and maintain registration through annual BSI audits to ISO EN 13485:2003 and ISO EN 9001:2008. Our seizure movement monitors are designed and manufactured in accordance with the medical directive EEC 93/42/EEC as amended by 2007/47EC and carry BSI CE mark based on Annex V for manufacture and quality assurance.

Medpage Limited are honoured to be the official sponsor of the Annual Epilepsy Conference to be held on Saturday 12th March 2016 at Central Hall Westminster, London. Our team will be at the event to answer any questions regarding our seizure detection alarms. We shall run a free to enter competition giving visitors the chance to win a prize of our popular MP5V2 model seizure alarm. There will be two lucky winners who will collect their prizes on the day.


For people at risk from falls in the home, the MPP-FA provides reliable fall detection. Combined with a touch sensor for emergency help call, the MPPL-FA is invaluable for people with poor dexterity or disability.

Medpage is a family ran company that Cares for families Epilepsy Fall Alarm 2016 BROCHURE